The aim of this day is to promote rights and wellness of this people in all areas of life and development, as well as raise awareness about their situation in political, social, economic and cultural life
December 1st is celebrated World AIDS Day. This day aims to celebrate and support global efforts undertaken to prevent new HIV infections, as well as aware and educate about this virus and support seropositive people
Una oportunidad para reflexionar y pensar qué puedes hacer para eliminar el maltrato hacia el género femenino
The National Event Lluna de València of ESN Valencia en UV is just about to start in river Turia’s capital. For three days you will be able to dive into the culture, the streets and “el foc i la flama” (fire and flames) of the city where paella was born.
Only in our country we have over 450,000 people with autism. How can you take part in ESN en UV movement?
¡Descubre los consejos y mejores recuerdos de nuestro amigo Olivier!
The action of donating blood is completely altruistic. You can be saving many lives with that simple decision!
Take care of your own and follow these advices of ESN Valencia en UV to prevent it!