Empezamos un nuevo año y un nuevo mes, Enero, un mes en el que, tristemente, muchos acaban su increíble estancia Erasmus. Horas en las que toca hacer las maletas y son muchas las cosas que queremos meter en ellas, pero no todo nos cabe. Antes de tirar esa manta o esa ropa que has utilizado durante tu estancia, acude a nuestra oficina y permite que esa ropa llegue a las personas que mas lo necesitan!


We are starting a new year and new month, January, this month in which, sadly, Erasmus adventure is coming to its end for a lot of people. Is time to pack your luggage and there are many things we have to pack in, but usually happens that we have no place for all of them. Before throwing them to the rubish bean, please come to our office, leave us your clothes that you are not going to use anymore and let this clothes arrive to people who more need it!