Cari amici, 
Are you going back to Italy for the Christmas holidays? You will see your family and loved ones again and probably receive a lot of joy and presents. But do you know that in this short break YOU also have the chance to do great things? Our friends of ESN Italy are collecting 50,000 signatures to allow you to vote for the next and all future elections in Italy. At the moment, all Italian citizens who are abroad for study, research or work for less than a year cannot cast their vote in any national election. ESN Italy wants to change this and allow any Italian citizen who is temporarily abroad to vote in the same way as Italian residents abroad. YOU can contribute! Go sign the petition in your town hall or at ESN petition events, bring your parents, relatives and friends to sign as well. Find out more at or contact if you want to actively cooperate in activating your hometown or help us collect signatures!

Buona natale e buon anno!