Your Erasmus in Valencia in just few weeks away and you still don’t have a place to stay? No worries!

ESN en UV has closed an exclusive partnership with Uniplaces the leading website in student housing. 

Uniplaces is the global brand for student accommodation. The online marketplace for booking student accommodation with thousands of verified properties has a simple booking process -­‐ everything can be done online and months in advance.

Students being able to secure accommodation in a city they don’t know ensures security and peace of mind before they leave home. In a way that is safe and trustworthy, Uniplaces consistently provides easy-­‐to-­‐find, easy-­‐to book accommodation. This helps to make any international student’s experience memorable: with value-­‐added initiatives that’ll make that experience unforgettable.


Uniplaces offers you hundreds of TOP student accommodations in Valencia

Book now using the promocode ESNVLCUV and get an immediate 25% discount on the booking fee

In addition Uniplaces and ESN are together breaking down barriers to student mobility, with the Uniplaces Scholarship, the scholarship for student accommodation, and the Uniplaces Academy.